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When I saw that this was going to be the topic of the message in church on the 30/03/2014, I was very interested I confess. I was wondering what the speaker would talk about. I woke up very lazy that day … Continue reading

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*sommersaults* *dances* *whistles* *shakes bumbum*. Hehehehe. Ok, enough. Today the wonderful, darling, adorable, sweet, loving, friendly, talky talky girl named Jennifer, now called shughar was born :D…..Yes!!!!!!!!!! It is my birthday and birthdays are my favourite celebration so…………………… I wanna … Continue reading

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The word rape is gotten from the latin word “rapere” which means To Seize. It is defined by many professors of the English Language as : The forcing of someone into sex. This definition has been modified over the years … Continue reading

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Hi people. Today is the seventh and last day of the #sayNoToRape campaign brought to you by #bloggersville. I am sure that you have learnt a lot. We have three posts today but I’d merge two and make the posts … Continue reading

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Rape: The Facts!

So I got a friend to write something about rape from a kinda professional angle. Its the second post for today…..kindly comment and share. In a national violence against women survey which was conducted in 1977 in the United States … Continue reading

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My almost Rape story-Elsie

Hi people, today is day 6 of the #sayNoToRape writing series. Thank you for sticking with us. Kindly read, comment and share. Rape is a topic on the lips of most people these days because the rise of exposure on … Continue reading

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This is a personal favourite of mine. #bloggersville presents the second post of Day 5. We are still saying #SayNoToRape   My fame has become shame hidden Bottled up in my heart with the chain of pain I’m bruised like … Continue reading

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