When I saw that this was going to be the topic of the message in church on the 30/03/2014, I was very interested I confess. I was wondering what the speaker would talk about. I woke up very lazy that day and was tempted to go back to sleep but I couldn’t. I knew that I had to go to church to listen to the guy. When I got to church, it was as awesome as usual. A lady came to render a recitation; I was more than impressed (I should join that group). After all the usual senrenre, Pastor Bolaji Idowu climbed on the altar and told us that he wasn’t going to continue his message for the month because we had a special guest. I was gladddd because I had planned to stay for the first two services and I was worried for the worms in my stomach. Sha …. Pastor B introduced the speaker and all I could say was, “Oh My God”. (Dear Lord, please let my future husband be that fine when he is that age. Thank you :D).

Lanre Olusola

Mr Lanre Olusola, ‘the catalyst’, climbed on the altar and I am sure a lot of girls fell in love (I am guilty as charged). Lol. Anyways, he asked for permission from pastor B to be raw because he didn’t come to talk like a pastor i.e. He came to tell us as it is. Pastor B gave him the go ahead and he started teaching. Ahem, I will also try to type it as raw as he taught it. You should have a bible with you for better understanding, by the way.

First of all, we read John 17:18-26. Then we read Matthew 10:16; it talks about God sending us out as sheep in the midst of wolves. He made a point from this scripture. He said that God knows that for us to survive amongst the wolves of the world we need the wisdom of a serpent (the devil) but we also need the heart of the Holy Spirit. This is a paradox! He was trying to say in lay man’s terms that you cannot live in the streetz when you don’t have street credibility. God knows that we need to be as shrewd as a serpent as it was written in the bible and that is why he says we should be as harmless as doves to survive in the world because world people are shrewd. Luke 16:8. In simple language, ‘okporlor eye, e no be open eye. If you are new in this game, make you go pay your tithe’. -_-

Next, we read Matthew 5:27-28 and Isaiah 64:6. In Matthew, Jesus told the people that, “whoever looketh at a woman with lust in his heart has committed adultery with her already in his heart”. So imagine how many guys and girls you have looked at and imagined how soft his/her lips are. Think about the ones that you have ‘mind f**ked’. Think about the porn stars that you have wanked to/with their pictures and videos. Aha! He further went to show us the scripture in Isaiah that tells us that “our righteousness is as filthy rags in the sight of God”. Most of all lust after guys/girls and console ourselves that we didn’t actually have sex so we are safe. Iro nla!!! We are just blessed to have God’s grace and the blood of Jesus to atone for our sins because if it were by our might, we would be paying for our sins steadily. James 1:14-15. Yes, it is possible to live free of temptation; Jesus did. Hebrews 4:15. That is why Jesus died for us, to augment for our supposed righteousness. Your righteousness is nothing without God’s grace. Romans 5:8, 2 Corinthians 5:21, john 3:16, Romans 3:23-24, Romans 8:38-39, 1 Thessalonians 5:11. To be tempted is not a sin. To ‘do’ with your eyes or your chomchomchom is the sin.

Ignorance is what makes us say that we do not want to have premarital sex because we do not want to go to hell. Truth is, as a result of premarital sex you can be living in hell on earth. He then left the biblical explanations and told about chakras. You will need to visit google if you do not know about chakras because explaining is on a long thing. I should say here that chakras are energy points in the body and that there are seven of them. Anyways, he explained to us that during sex, the chakras of both parties are synchronized. As a result of this synchronization, a number of diseases can be transferred and this will not be stopped by condoms because condoms cannot block energy flow. There are some things you cannot see but they happen through the energy exchange from the chakra. Some of these things are Diabetics, HBP, HIV, Aids, prostrate, cervical cancer, nervous system crash and even infertility.

When you sleep with a lot of different people, you collect all their energies and when you eventually get married, you pass all these energies to them. Imagine if the person has also slept with many people and both of you get to mix these numerous chakras. Have you ever though of why older men and women like sleeping with younger people? You think it is because their old spouse is not up to the task? It is because they know that they can tap from their vitality!!! Dear girl, that baba that is giving you 5k is taking away like 100k from you and you don’t know. There is also the spiritual aspect where you sleep with a possessed person and things just turn upside-down for you.

You should abstain from pre marital sex not primarily because of hell but because you become one with every sexual partner(s). You really do not know what that hot boy or girl is carrying inside them o.
It is easy to flee from temptation because there is always a window for escape. When you are watching that movie and the soundtrack changes and you know that the next scene will stimulate you, my dear be like my baby and cover your eyes. Mr Lanre said, “Temptation has a pattern, so you need to create a protection system”. I totally agree with him on that one as well as everything he said. It is harder for someone you are going to marry but you should stall because:
i. Sex reduces the time for communication.
ii. If there is a problem, sex clouds the sense of judgement especially when the sex is great
iii. You are not honoring God’s word (your body is still his temple).

At the end of the service, he did an altar call and broke yokes and situations that people have entered as a result of sex. So I say to you, if you know or think you are a victim of sex, please go on your knees and pray. My God is able and just to forgive you.

NOTE: You cannot condomise energy!!!

That is all, my darlings. Truth is I couldn’t do justice to this topic as much as Mr Lanre Olusola did but I had the urge to share what I learnt. I hope that I was able to explain this to as many people as possible. Sex really is not everything and most times it is not even worth the pain and heart ache that come with it. I know that ‘e no easy’ but with God’s grace and discipline, it is possible. There are audio cds for this program. You can let me know if you are interested. You can also visit my church Harvesters International Christian Centre to experience more of God’s awesomeness with me.

Mr Lanre Olusola can be reached on twitter @lanreolusola

PS- This is something I’d really love feedback for……….. Do you think all that i wrote is just jargons? What are your thoughts?Kindly drop your comments, questions, answers etc in the comment section. Anonymity is very allowed. Thank you.


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38 Responses to SEX AND THE CITY

  1. “Energy cannot be condomized..” There’s a lot to sex than the excitement that comes with it. It isn’t worth it to lose a lot to enjoy for few minutes.. When you have sex with someone, your mind tells u something apart from the greatness. It asks u, “is it worth it?”

    Sex is great, but there is need for caution. You can’t share bond with various girls and ask why your marriage didn’t work???


  2. @BOBO_EDO says:

    It is well o…. God will help us all… If u can’t hold ur side, biko get married…



  3. Nicholas says:

    This is why you need one great sex partner, ork together and stop complaining about how you feel or ho deep His/her pocket is. Work together and build the Home of your dreams. I’m not married yet though, workinmg on it but I’m still single. God help you. 26C909A3


  4. Anonymous says:

    Makes absolute sense.


  5. Tope says:

    What can I say.

    Like Elsie na mute I dey


  6. babaolowo says:

    The truth about sex is that it bridges the body and soul of the two init. Beyond the Chakras and the energy transfer, at the point when it all gets exciting, the two involved transmit the life and essence of each other across any condom or protection in place…so when you sleep with a stranger, you are sleeping with all the people he/she had slept with so let’s say he’d slept with 20 girls so you are doing one guy and 20 girls at once.. So imagine the number of people you would have had sex with in every strange partner you take. It is spiritual and true… so think about it….

    Repentance brings renewal and grace replenishes us… We have the power to overcome temptation and that power is in the simplicity of fleeing when the signs appear… The principle is simple. #LookAway. God will help us practice and exercise with the strength and value He’s already deposited in us. I no be pastor but abeg, I have been appointed to be a fisher of men…

    The end is closer than we think, Let’s find Christ, He’s the only way… Tell somebody about Jesus today… So you don’t get turned back to hell or become a loner in heaven, you’ll need friends out there too… don’t assume, there will be tears in heaven…God will wipe the tears away but I wouldn’t know what will bring the tears.. #GoFigure and remember to #LookAway

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    • shughar says:

      I just realised that I can like comments! Was just thinking that I wish I cld fav this comment and I saw d star. Wonderful wonderful words of truth. Thank u abidemi (y)


  7. Wow wow wow, You guys had the rare honour of having Lanre Olusola on sunday service. Thanks soo much for sharing, knew all others before but never have I tot of energy transfer durring sex (that explains a lot). And thanks for been so down to earth with your writting. This is just beautiful.

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  8. saymalcolm says:

    Interesting…I wonder why the topic of the post was sex and the city.

    Still, a very valid message we all should take seriously has been passed.



  9. Loopscard says:

    Hmm, when did we start adopting Buddhist principals mixed with New Age ideas (exchange of chakaras). I’m not always sure that I agree with some of the generalizations and assumptions people make with these things. I simply cannot see how sleeping with one persons means you’ve slept with everyone they have slept with. And I think the idea of looking lustfuly means looking with intentions. The thought of sex is a normal function of the mind, we even think about it subconsciously. My 2 kobo sha

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    • Eloka says:

      @Loopscard…it works dis way, if I’ve had sex wid 20girls, d nxt person I hv sex wid inherits/carries all whatever I gained/was passed on from d 20gurls in2 dis new gurl…its just like when Jesus went to the cross n died 4everyone’s sins…U were not there, but he made that provision available for you…U were in Him on that cross and U died in Him, U were buried with Him n u were raised with Him and now u have the victory…u were not born o buh u were there in His loins wen all dis happend…let’s look @anoda scenario, u were in ur grandfather b4 u were born, ur father was also in ur grabdfather b4 he was born…u dig it? That’s hw it works…take charge

      Liked by 1 person

      • Loopscard says:

        Hmm. That is a bit of a stretch for me. I do not see any credible suggestion of this, just inference. My dad could have married someone else and I would be different physically at least. I just don’t see the concept as carry-over or inherited sin as possible. To me every human is responsible for his or her actions alone. No inheritance, no carry over. Sin and grace are different in nature so comparing it with Jesus isn’t convincing me.

        Liked by 1 person

      • shughar says:

        thank you for your awesome response Eloka. God bless u


    • droplet4 says:

      I see you re not a crowd follower…cool you can’t be easily swept away with smooth talks. Good to be knowledgeable


  10. Nsofor Engee says:

    @loopscard…. It is a spiritual concept and believe it or not it remains true. It can only be explained using physical examples just like Eloka tried to do. Anoda writer said this “having sex wit someone is like glueing two peices of paper togeda den trying to separate dem”. Each piece wud have a part of d other one in them. Both parties can never be d same. They both exchange ‘chakras’. U cannot look at spiritual things from a logical point of view bcos they r never logical. They go far beyond our senses.
    @shugar… Great write up. Always on point!


  11. Nsofor Engee says:

    @loopscard…. It is a spiritual concept and believe it or not it remains true. It can only be explained using physical examples just like Eloka tried to do. Anoda writer said this “having sex wit someone is like glueing two peices of paper togeda den trying to separate dem”. Each piece wud have a part of d other one in them. Both parties can never be d same. They both exchange ‘chakras’. U cannot look at spiritual things from a logical point of view bcos they r never logical. They go far beyond our senses.
    @shughar… Great write up. Always on point!

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  12. i disagree on many angles and agree too on some. chakras is one strong angle worth taking home. Nice read


  13. seunodukoya says:

    To each his own.

    It’s an interesting read – and if for nothing else, it is a valid enough food-for-thought.

    There’s lot I would like to say – but I already wrote something about this years ago.

    PS: Ask Elsie.

    Thank you for sharing.


  14. ddammii says:

    Hey Shugar, do l have permission to reblog this? Its worth postin EVERYWHERE!


  15. ddammii says:

    Reblogged this on Damilola Olori's Blog and commented:
    Originally from shugar’s blog, I do not want to be selfish.


  16. obieijeomah says:

    I never knew the spelling of ‘chakra’ until now…Nice piece


  17. dollkay says:

    Beautiful write-up;wisdom, knowledge and great understanding its content contains…
    word of advice for you, build yourself in this path and I can bet with you without consulting a crystal ball that the sky won’t be your limit but the beginn because you can write like *kilode gan * keep it up


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