A Victim Of The gods

A popular saying goes “a problem shared is half solved.” Yes! But a heart bottled in the pain of humiliation can never know peace. The issue of rape is one which is discussed and shared amongst us, but yet without the simplest solution.This is very perturbing, and thus has sounded the alarm within us to keep on speaking till we can reduce or inhibit this violence and ungodly act.
Let us not fold our arms and watch our ‘PRIDE’ being trampled upon and tormented without giving it a fight.
Rape is fiercer than a civil war, yet if we must win this battle, we must fight with our heart and watch on.
#Bloggersville presents “the pain of a withered rose, a trumpet for war.”
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“Na the old gods dey wait make rapist turn 90years old before dem catch am, the God of today delivers judgment sharperly #SayNoToRape”

His torso ripped with veins showing through his formerly white but now brown singlet as he pushed the buggy of water into the hostel, this was his final round of water supply for the morning and he was ready to go take a shower, devour some ” Tuwo shinikafa” and rest before the already tingling sun starts to burn. The shinikafa was more on his mind as he jerked two 25litres kegs of water from the buggy with accustomed ease and danced along the tiny path to the rear of the hostel, pulling the heavy weight of the water, and jiggling like a palsy patient with every step he took. He emptied the water into the drum in quick succession and made his way back to the buggy to grab another set of kegs, oblivious of the hundreds of wolfish eyes staring at him in wild ecstasy or what lies ahead as he performed his routine without any care in the world.

His thighs and biceps throbbed as he emptied the 8th keg of water and the morning sun danced caressingly on his dark golden skin, two more kegs and he’s done for the morning, the thought of food gave him the strength to maintain his balance but the aroma of different concoction oozing out from the kitchen of the hostel weakens his resolve. He sat on the edge of the two kegs he’d just emptied to make sure they didn’t compress them with his weight while he savored the sweet mix coming from the kitchen, he closed his eyes and laid back a little, hoping to find the edge of the drum with the back of his head, but before his head could find it, he felt something soft touch his shoulder and he jerked back to life startled, almost kicking off the tray of food Adaeze was holding as he made to stand up in a rush. “Calm down Abu, it’s me, I only brought you some food to help you regain your strength, and you’ll be needing it since you still have two more kegs to carry”. His lips curled with a smile in appreciation, he collected the tray and balanced it on his laps as he repositioned himself on the two empty kegs to devour the meal, “the Tuwo will have to move to lunch zone” he thought to himself as he smiled at the pile of yam and scrambled egg sauce on his lap, he muffled “thank you Ada” with some accent as Adaeze headed for the door with the towel on her body barely clinging to her heavy set chest. He descended on the food but couldn’t help noticing as her buttocks wriggled and whined with every step she took as she walked back into the hostel, he smiled, shook his head and went ballistic on the yam, swallowing every bite speedily as if she might return to collect the food from him. The plate was empty in minutes and he wiped his mouth with the edge of his brownish singlet, he carefully placed the now empty plate and tray beside the drum and ran to the buggy to grab the last two kegs with his new found strength making it an easy swig.

He made the turn and met Adaeze standing beside the drum, waiting with a glass of cold juice in her hands, now she had a white tee-shirt on with the towel still on her waist, her nipples stood through the shirts as if they were competing for attention with the glass of juice, Abu dropped the kegs without attempting to empty them into the waiting drum that was almost filled, he collected the cold glass, brushing his hands against hers in the process and a colder chill ran through his spine. He downed the whole glass of juice in a single gulp and returned the glass to her without saying a word. “Well-done Abu, just empty this last two in the drum and call my name when you are through so I can give you your balance, I no forget your birthday, infact I have something for you today” she said. Abu nodded in response, grab a keg and continued with his work, he emptied the second keg as he struggled with the heat in his loin, his body was throbbing now as if he’s under a spell, he yawned heavily, dropped the empty keg and headed towards the door like a lion that just sprung from a prowl screaming “Ada! Ada!!”. He was met at the door by Ada this time with just the tee-shirt on her, without a towel or anything at all covering her naked round body, and before he could say a word, Ada grabbed his already turgid manhood and dragged him into the hostel’s kitchen. He could see four other girls in the kitchen but his vision was getting blurred already, he could only hear them giggle, he tried resisting but his hands were heavy and weakened by some strange forces, his eyes fluttered but he could only feel as more hands grabbed his manhood and body and laid him on something hard but cold. “I am going to be 17 years old in two days” was the last thought that flashed through his head, a 17 years old virgin.

He felt warm and cold, his legs were weak, his whole body was dripping wet and his mouth was sore, he couldn’t stand up from the cold hard floor of the kitchen and somehow, he could see Ada and the other girls exploding in screams in turn all over him… He couldn’t define what has happened but he was sure whatever it was had drained life out of him, probably it was something in the juice or probably something that happened here on the floor of the kitchen. He crawled out to the back of the building, dragged himself down to the drum and poured some water on himself. He gained some strength and staggered to the along leaving, remembering to pick up his kegs as he slowly made his way back to his buggy. The sun was burning already but he couldn’t even feel a thing or remember how long he’s been in the hostel. The security woman at the entrance was surprised to see him as he struggled to pull the buggy out of the compound, “Abu where you dey since, wetin do you” but he couldn’t find enough strength to open his mouth. He pulled to the road, staggered and struggled with the buggy along, trying to remember what happened to him in there, still drowsy and weak. He straightened up a little to shield his face from the burning sun when he suddenly saw Adaeze crossing from the other end of the road to his side, he froze and didn’t see or hear the incoming truck, he swirled into the middle of the road unknowingly and got knocked clean from behind into the gutter; sending the buggy in her direction, crashing her legs, ribs and skull.

He pulled himself out from the gutter groaning as the crowd rushed towards him and her, everything seems clearer now, he remembered everything now, he tried to stand up but his limbs were so weak although no bone was broken, he saw the truck driver speed away as the people pulled her jerking, marred body from the gutter and placed it on his buggy. They sped down the road, hoping to find a hospital in time to save her life. Tears welled up in his eyes and has he struggled to hold it back, he felt a sharp pain in his abdomen, there was blood all over, the people around him held him, he tried to speak but couldn’t find his voice, and everything went blank.

On the morning of his 17th birthday, he was discharged from the hospital with plasters to show for incident, he walked with a limp and before he could step into the sunlight, the story had already made the rounds, he was the victim that was avenged by the gods but nobody knew what was avenged. When he saw his buggy parked behind the open gate of the hospital, he remembered her and turned back into the reception to find out what became of her.

“I am Adaeze and I am writing this from a wheelchair. I was crippled, left with a boulder shaped head and I am gradually losing my ability to speak as the years goes by all as a result of an accident that was orchestrated by me. Abu was in SS3 at that time and he was always helping us with water whenever water supply was off which was almost every time. I drugged him and with four of my girls, we raped him and left him on the floor of the kitchen to make it look like he slept off after eating the food I gave him. I was a pharmaceutical student and I was sure the drugs wouldn’t kill although the rape could have, if he’d died, there wasn’t going to be a post so I felt confident we will go scot-free but we didn’t. After my confession; post the accident, the girls were expelled and before they could be arrested, they fled the hostel and I never saw them again. I’ve seen Abu just once since the incident, and that was on his 17th birthday, two days after the incident when he was allowed into ICU to see me on his request. The only thing he said was “I was a virgin“ and those words had left a hole in me, giving me much more pain than any injury or death could afford.

I’ve been a guidance counselor on wheels for rapist and rape victims for years since the incident and I will continue until I can’t produce any sound again. It’s been 15 years now and my appearance and experience alone has helped a lot of rapist reform, I hope my words will help rekindle the lamp of humanity in others so that together we can all #SayNoToRape”


Written by Abidemi Babaolowo Oderinlo
blog url: www.babaolowo.blogspot.com
Twitter handle: @enyola


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