Exactly one year ago, fresh from Buj (that’s Abuja -_-), I was wondering what to wear on my first day at work. I wasn’t even sure about the dress code and it wasn’t funny because I had a very strong urge to wear jeans to work. lol. I sha wore something and bounced to work. I managed to get there on time after sweating for almost an hour in traffic. Well, I met new colleagues; the good, the bad and the Ugly. I had to learn new things within a short period and my dear Yemi (he might never see this) was there to put me through and keep my sanity in check.

This post is not about my job o, actually I don’t know what it is about sef. I just realised that I haven’t written anything about my lagos experience and today seemed perfect. Thing is, I left my family back in the North to cling to a job in the west. It’s really funny because in the past I always said I couldn’t live in Lagos because it is too busy and yada yada (I still hate that part of Lag). When I just moved, I paid my dues men, let me not even go on about my accommodation issues because I couldn’t live somewhere far from the office. I searched for an apartment for almost two months and in that time, my friend Eseoghene accommodated me and I am still extremely grateful.

My stay in Lagos has been a fun one, I actually hardly miss home; I haven’t gone home since I started working sef. My friends Jessykarh, Mayowa, Nneka, Rali, Juke, Charlie, Rodney have all been wonderful. My cousins the Unu’s have been darlings. I made a couple of wonderful friends, Osams and Elsie(my almostey) have been awesome, especially.

In the last year, I have been sick (I even had chicken pox like two weeks ago), I have cried, I have been frustrated, I have been an ass to a lot of people, I have been around kids of my friends; Imma, Fauzan, Giddy, Naynay, Thara are my darlings and I love them so. In this last year,I have tried to lock my hair and failed. I have reduced my hair twice, I have lost weight and I have added….ok, i am blabbing now. I also lost someone dear to me and a friend of mine just decided that he doesn’t want to be a friend anymore(e pain me sha).

Also, I have been too lazy to be productive in my writing. The traffic always takes its toll on me. Ok, enough blabbing, I just wanna say happy one year ‘workiversary’ to me :D. I particularly pray for everyone searching for a job; both those that I know and those that i do not know. I pray that God would give y’all jobs of your heart desires and may we all grow in our careers in Jesus’ name. Amen.


About shughar

My name is Patrick Jennifer.............. Talkative extraordinaire (aspiring OAP), Professional 'carer', Wanna-be writer, and I am sweetness personified.
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16 Responses to Workiversary!!!!

  1. esibobbie says:

    u dint put my name wen am d only guy dat jst wanna ……………..


  2. Ajayi Mayowa says:

    Madam Jenny Just Come (JJC) well I’m sure you are stronger now,Lagos has taught you well,and thanks for being a Lovely sweet heart too,and Amen to the prayers,and May God make you BiGGER too!


    • shughar says:

      Lmaooooo @JJC! B,u owe me a blog post. Stop wasting ur creativity!I am not stronger biko, I still cannot jump down from a bus. Lol. Amen love, thank u :*


  3. XXX says:

    Nyc writin,its always hard 2 start ova….who’s d frnd who dcided 2 nt b frnds btw.


  4. arnytah says:

    Congrats on ur workiversary…


  5. elsie says:

    1) Happy anniversary!
    2) Where’s the anniversary cake?
    3) You will not confess to them now that you are looking for another job o. Ole geh. Disturb me again and I kee you
    4) You are still a JJC in lagos. Behave or I sell you
    5) (Just cos I want this thing to complete 5 o) its been really nice meeting you. People with great deal of understanding are rare to come by amongst ladies of these days. *im sure u know what I mean*


  6. shughar says:

    1. Thank uuu
    2. Watch out for the cake -_-
    3. Ma koba mi o. Lol. I’m waiting for the OAP job to find me 😀
    4. I know na! U be mobile lagos google map. Lol
    5. Hehehehe… because I never se weyrey for u sha. Lol


  7. Juke says:

    Aunty. No lie o. Because God is watching you in 5D. Who’s the person that doesn’t wanna be friends with you anymore? Who? Remember, God is watching…


  8. Correct… I see say you don blend well for lagos.. I go still fit lost u sha…


  9. Dr Nwax says:

    Nice piece, but It won’t be a bad idea if we get to read a detailed piece bout some of your travails. Nways a belated congrats on ur 1st workiversary!! Nice 1 sis, #4rmgal2woman


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