The sad princess

hey people ……………….. so i wrote this without actually thinking of what I was blabbing. I was in the same mood when i wrote about a mosquito. You can read that here Please read and enjoy. lol

I love my home; I swear I do. Who wouldn’t? My mother always reminds me that we live in the richest and most beautiful part of the world. The most unexplored too. We have everything here; the best houses, the finest and most wonderful creatures. The best part is that I’m royalty and it makes life so much easier, at least that is what everyone says. The truth is that I’m tired of being here day in and day out. My nanny would tell me stories of how life is outside this realm, she found favour with the creator a long while ago and was allowed to explore for a while. She had to stop when my mother found out she that she was ‘polluting my mind’. I have begged, pleaded, cried and I even tried to command her to tell me more stories but she wouldn’t bulge. It is not fair how they treat me like a child.

I am ten years old. I passed all my tests and was pronounced fit to ascend the throne when mother is no more. I even have a huge responsibility you know, I oversee the store house. It always amazes me how we always get free food stuffs and things from the yonder land; fabrics, rice, oil, yams, fowls and salt. Especially salt!!! I have to make sure the workers arrange the rations adequately. The women have to eat more because we are the sustainers of life here. We actually exhale life for other living organisms to breathe in, cool huh? I was told that the females get our steady supply of life from our navels. Our navel processes life from our surroundings and we share it with other organisms when we breathe out.

I have been taught everything about our kingdom; origin, founding fathers, traditions, norms, folklore, taboos, everything but what I really want to know. I want to know why I am not allowed to venture to the yonder lands. I would very much like to speak to the strange creatures I see everyday. There is one of them that intrigues me. It is quite different from us. It doesn’t have breasts and it doesn’t have hair and it has four hands in weird places. Nanny told me that peoples of the yonder lands are different but I did not except this kind of difference. If it doesn’t have breasts then what is its essence? Here, we choose our mates by the size of their breasts. The females with big breasts were the fertile ones so among two mates the one with the bigger breasts would be the one to be fertilized. This fertilization only happens after ten years and every mother dies after the birth of her child, except the queen that is. Every other living adult works for the kingdom until she stops producing life.

I used to think about the creature every night before I rest. I remember its eyes boring into mine and the strange look it had before it dashed away. I had left my duty post that day to wander around. I was going to tell mother that I was familiarizing myself with the lands if anyone happened to see me. The gods where with me though, I was not caught. My mother always says people think we are gods. She says people worship us; that they revere us. I always wonder why because as far as I know, we do not have any special powers and we also pray and revere the gods. We all have the same maker, he comes every ten years to deposit his seeds at the special place in the kingdom. Rations are then passed down to the ripe females. We always pray to find favour before him so that our existence would have meaning.

I described the creature to my nanny this night. She laughed and told me that it must have been a stray dog that I happened upon. She told me that people of the yonder lands kept them as pets and they were very loyal to them. When I asked her why I could not have them she said, “It is simply because you are a mermaid, Diala, and dogs cannot breathe under water”. I was so sad I almost cried. I want to go to the yonder lands even if it is just for a day. My beautiful and wonderful kingdom suddenly does not have the appeal it used to have for me. I am one sad mermaid princess.




Okay folks, that is the end. Kindly drop your comments and don’t forget to follow this blog for more awesomeness. Thank you :*


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My name is Patrick Jennifer.............. Talkative extraordinaire (aspiring OAP), Professional 'carer', Wanna-be writer, and I am sweetness personified.
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6 Responses to The sad princess

  1. Minoli says:

    Awww…Wipes Tears.Sorry


  2. Bamidele says:

    Chei! so you are a mermaid abi? pepper soup tinz loading!


  3. Mermaid of life… Common fellaz, let’s make some pepper soup sauce.


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