The valentine of my dreams

@ the office-val’s day
Dear Diary,
Its raining again and as usual he has called. He says he’s coming to pick me so he can be with me when i get home since he knows how scared I am of thunder and lightening. Lie of life! We both know that his excuse is a ruse, we just play along because its something that we both want. Yesterday was wonderful; we talked, laughed, drank the expensive white wine I stole from daddy’s bar, played strip poker and truth or dare. I cooked too and he managed to eat my potty without throwing up. He asked me a lot of deep questions during the game but he didn’t ask the only question I want to answer; I am scared that he will never ask again. I know I am to blame, after all I set the ground rules. I zoned him! I told him that I didn’t have any love to give to him or any other man. He was my bestie and I wanted him to remain that way. How was I to know that his lips contained the flavour that I always craved for; that touching him would awaken me in every way humanly possible? How was I to know that he had all the love and care that he’s shown me hidden somewhere inside? That was almost a year ago na, he should know that I have fallen hopelessly in love wit him. Why didn’t he ask me to be his valentine? I almost dared him to ask me but my pride wouldn’t let me. This life is just a pot of beans! I am 29 years old, pretty and veryyyyy single. I couldn’t even manage to get myself a valentine! Haba! I went through the day expecting some form of surprise! From who sef? I laugh in Isoko. I am not even surprised that I am single o; see me writing in a diary like one teenager. Let me start packing my kaya and wait for him jor.I wonder why he wants to come sef. Shebi he told me that he had a valentine this morning. Wait o……are we friends with benefits? Abi is he thinking I’d put out for him? It can’t be sex sha. He has never tried anything funny. He respects me too much. Even yesterday, he just cuddled me all through the night. A real gentleman *sigh* Chai! I have to find a way to ask him out. No na, i be babe. I’ll turn on my green light to full beam, i just hope he’d get the drift. Let me pack. Bye.

dear diary!!!!!!!!!
I can’t even contain what I am about to say. The craziest thing happened today. Infact, i officially have a best day of my life! So, my man(yes, he’s that now) came to pick me today. He came with his driver to the office o. That one drove my car home. We went to have dinner at one posh place like that that i didn’t even know existed. I was treated to a splendid three course meal and sweeeeeeeeet wine. Shaaaaaaaa, i was itching to ask why he wasn’t with that other girl but i decided not to burst the bubble and spoil the evening. After dinner, we headed to mine. The rain had stopped sef o, shebi that was his excuse. lol. When i got home, he just sashayed in and I knew that he wasn’t going anywhere soon. I went to my room to change anddddddddddd i saw this

I just started screaming like a banshee and I turned to bump into him on his knees with a ring!!!!!!! I think my brain froze because I couldn’t even say anything. I could only cry. He told me that he loves me and wouldn’t be complete without me in his life as his wife! See rhymes! hehehe. The first thing I said was, “please, can i have my phone”. Stupid ba? lol. I just wanted to capture the moment the best way I could. I said YESSSSSSSS!!!!!! How could I not? I am so glad that you are an e-diary so you can see the pictures too. I am engaged yo! I asked him how he knew I would accept and he said he didn’t. That if i rejected, he would have increased his pestering. lol. Ok Diary, thank you for always listening to my ramblings. I gotta go back to my fiance now. Till tomao bestos :*
Woman Receiving Engagement Ring

Errrrrm, this is how i wished my valentine this year would be. Unfortunately, it won’t be like this :(. For now, I’ll stick to celebrating my sisters’s birth day. Happy valentine’s day people. show some love today. For those of you that have val’s, easy o. we don’t want october and babies -_- Also, like i asked last year, “are you your boo’s boo?” Please help me wish my sister @arnytah a happy birthday. Thank you.

PS- For those of you in lagos, the valebration can be cheaper and better. Tranzit cabs is offering free rides to everyone today till night!!!! simply because they love you. very sweet stuff. just follow them on twitter @tranzitng to experience their #TranzitValentine

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DARLING SISTER who graduated on tuesday….. from the uni o 🙂 I had to go and pour her water sef. lol. my smallie has grown finish shaaaas. we thank God :). have a splendid day people. I love you loadd


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My name is Patrick Jennifer.............. Talkative extraordinaire (aspiring OAP), Professional 'carer', Wanna-be writer, and I am sweetness personified.
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13 Responses to The valentine of my dreams

  1. Anonymous says:

    nice………………..happy bithday to ur sis


  2. uyi irene says:

    Lol……..jennifer o! How do u come up withe these stuff. Anyway, nice one!


  3. @iam_baye says:

    Nyc one..always captivating..Hbd to @arnytah


  4. shughar says:

    Wow!!! This is so cool !!!… Wish love life in Nigeria could be like buh it isn’t plus Happy brithday to our sister @arnytah


  5. elsie says:

    Lmao. U not 29 na. Olodo geh. Nice one though


  6. shughar says:

    Looooooool! Tnk u henry. U sha commented as me. U want d whole world to know that I used your fone ba? Lol.


  7. arnytah says:

    Lol…dnt wori, nxt valentine will b different…tnx 4 d birthday wishes evry1…


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