Black Valentine

Je-ni-fa-fa is what you called me. No one else can pronounce it in the soft, loving tone you used. No one else is gonna call me that name. Your house was one of the few places I felt totally and completely free in this world. Your meals were second to none. I remember waking up to hear you gisting in your local dialect! You were #TeamAproko and we would sit down and gist of many reasonable and unreasonable things. You always wanted the best for us; your biological kids and every other person.

I remember saying that you’d bring your canopies for my wedding. I was your nwannemercy I was always in awe of your slim stature; I always wished to be like that when I am your age. You were a typical african woman; ankara and wrappers were your favorites. I remember how I used to wonder how you’d stay in church for hours. You never met my mother; I always imagined what the meeting would be like. Plenty plenty gist would be the order of the day.

The last time we spoke you promised to do omugwo for my sisters and I. Mummy, that is not going to happen. I wanted to buy that washing liquid for you, that is not going to happen. I thought I’d see you this week, that is not going to happen. I thought you’d add extra canopies on my wedding day, that is also not going to happen. I might never be able to pass the road to your house without shedding tears. I can barely think about you without shedding tears.

Too many things are not going to happen. Plenty memories are not going to be shared. Plenty words are not going to be said. Loads of emotions are not going to be seen but i will hold on to the ones that I have. I will remember every advice you gave me. I will endeavour to be a sister to your children. I will endevour to be the Je-ni-fa-fa that you loved so much. I never got a chance to tell you this ma but I love you very much.

You were a second mother to me and I’d always remember that. If tears could bring you back, I’d pay people to come and cry. I pray that all the good you did for a lot of us will grant you an extra special space in God’s bossom.

You were a jolly heart ma and I will miss you. RIP nnemercy.

RIP daddy, RIP Aunty Lilian, RIP Mr Cole…… you all should form a union and take care of the family you left behind. You are forever loved :*

PS- Kindly put the children of this great woman in your prayers. Thank you.


About shughar

My name is Patrick Jennifer.............. Talkative extraordinaire (aspiring OAP), Professional 'carer', Wanna-be writer, and I am sweetness personified.
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12 Responses to Black Valentine

  1. elsie says:

    be strong love. i know she is in a better place. and for them to form a union? lool. i have enough people to do that there o and my mum had better be the chairlady.


  2. Ada says:

    May your soul rest in peace, mommy.
    You’ll forever be in our hearts.


  3. isaiah says:

    Nice one but too straight foward no suspence amd less emotion


  4. Minoli says:

    Awww…My condolences.May God grant her eternal rest


  5. Anonymous says:

    I still remember the cow leg I had @ her shop,unforgettable!….she relates with me like she really knows me,what a woman,Heaven gained an Angel……may God continue to watch over her Lovely children,RIP ma’am……:(


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