I have a number of things running through my mind at the moment so I thought to do what I do best when I’m unhappy……. Write :d I should warn you that I am writing as it comes to my mind and I might not be coherent.

I’ve been asking myself, ‘what is wrong with me’? (I know its not my village people oh.lol). Why am I scared of commitments? Well, if I want to be shallow, I’d say it’s because I have been heart broken and blah blah blah. Truth is, in the inner inner ‘cocus’ of my mind, I know that it is because I want to be sure that I am the girl that nobody in his sane mind would want to let go 😀 (pretty vain eh). I used to think I was that person o, apparently I wasn’t doing something right so I keep asking myself “What’s wrong with me”.

I’ve come to realise that being in a relationship takes a lot. I know my mother is praying and fasting and ‘kabashing’ for me to get married a.s.a.p (I am praying for that too o) but the truth is, every time I think about marriage right now the next thing that comes to my mind is, “Jennifer,are you ready”? It takes a whole lot to give your all to another person fa, mhen, its not beans. I also think if I haven’t had a perfect relationship yet (even though I give it my all), it means I am not doing something right, right? I read in an awesome blog that there is nothing like the ‘right’ one. According to the author, anyone can be the ‘right’ one, it just depends on how you can make it work. What I understood by this is that you have to be the one to tag someone as ‘right’, its not like God marked some people as the ‘right’ ones and others as the ‘left’ ones -_-. Hehehe.
The funniest part is that most of the ‘right’ people that your friends and family are with are not even near your qualification for being ‘right’. Last last, one man’s kpomo is another man’s meat (I don’t know what that means).

Another issue is the people that you keep hanging or waiting as you are trying to be ‘right’. Apparently, you are hurting someone (or a community) and that is definitely not cool ☹ . Its actually silly when you tell someone that you like them but you are not ready for commitment. It is even worse if you are like me. It seems my light likes staying green even when it’s red I want it to be showing fa. Let me use this medium to apologise to those that the yeye light misled, it was a system error. I like(d) a guy who thinks that the reason why we are not dating is because I want more than he can offer. It’s funny when I hear that because that is very far from the truth. The truth is U are a great guy and I don’t expect anything from you, I am the one with skosko sef. I have learnt that you don’t have to be in a relationship to get heart broken…… It’s very possible to be committed and not be in a relationship (done that).

I’m trying to be a better girl, daughter, sister, friend, christian, neighbour, colleague right now so that I can be the perfect girlfriend and eventually wife :D. I also have to learn a lot more recipes; we can’t have you going back to eat your village soup at your mom’s. I honestly just think I should make myself the ‘right’ one for someone and since great minds attract (I hope), wait for the person to see how ‘right’ I am.
Ok, now I feel better so the rambling is over. I made this marriage-related because I can’t date someone that I can’t marry.

Errrm, not sure why i posted this but if you know me, I’d really appreciate a feed back if you think there’s something I need to change to make me better.
Tell me in camera o, do not wash my linen in public (even though it is not dirty). Lol. Mercie beaucoup…… compliments of the season.


About shughar

My name is Patrick Jennifer.............. Talkative extraordinaire (aspiring OAP), Professional 'carer', Wanna-be writer, and I am sweetness personified.
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24 Responses to WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

  1. Bodé says:

    Lol..funny you have it all figured out, just having commitment issues (as do most people)


  2. elsieisy says:

    “It seems my light likes staying green even when it’s red I want it to be showing fa” LMAO! Well, me don’t even know if I’m ready. Or maybe I’ve just not seen the guy that treats me the way I want to be treated. But then, I’m doing great in the job of making me happy. When the Mr. Right is ready, he will show. No time to worry. Money must be made. Life has to be built…..shekena


  3. anon says:

    Dear Jennifer,
    I think your main problem is that you enjoy the attention you get from so many guys at the same time, and therefore lead all of them on. Each thinking and believing that they’re the one, meanwhile, you have other ideas. It’s not that you don’t want to settle down. It’s just that you want more than one person can offer at a time. You want it all, all at the same time.
    You should set out your “priorities”, and look for the guy that suits the bill and make it work.
    Stop hanging out with your ex or exes. No FWB. Cut all the men in your life off, and start afresh.
    IMO, that’s the way forward.


    • shughar says:

      i don’t enjoy the attention o….. i try not to lead them on too 😦 chai! y do i feel this person knows me personally fa?? I will cut them off jare…. thank u plenty. PS-if u know me,u for just tell me in camera na.lols


  4. Jessica says:

    Eyss! Your madness has entered the marketplace ba?
    Figure yourself out o! And asap too..
    I’m waiting to eat wedding rice and wear aso-ebi next year! No single person will be a godparent to any of my children o..
    Bye! 😐 😡


    • shughar says:

      errrrrm, how will d children come out if you don’t get married na?lol…u marry ist and before my godchild pops out, I will be married too 😀 😛


  5. Juke says:

    This part of Elsie’s response is awesome. “But then,
    I’m doing great in the job of making me
    happy. When the Mr. Right is ready, he
    will show. No time to worry. Money
    must be made. Life has to be
    You should do same Jennifer.


  6. daisy says:

    wel , ds is wt it cms to wen gals cnt find a bf, anyway sha do nd gaan marry o. u haff start to old. as fr me most of d right guys ve seen re alredy hookd. its to js snatch sha.


    • shughar says:

      you are just a ram! cant find a bf ke?lol…..i need to change my friends fa. snatch and urs shall be snatched! karma is still a bitch :p


  7. Anonymous says:

    I so like this anonymous thingy,she never can guess who is who,Good,let me just Lambast you wella,lol,firstly,I never knew you were single sha o,hmMmmmmmmmmmmm,good news,that’s just perfect for me,pls do away with your exes so I fit get road to penetrate fully cos I’m the Mr Left that you can turn on your green lights Right,lol,secondly,I think you love the attention you get from a lotta guys,you feel having a lotta male friends gives u an understanding of men which you feel can help you pick Mr right while all of them are feeling you are Miss Right,thirdly you don’t want commitments cos you feel it will tie you down,you wanna be frEe and feel young,with no dude restricting you,I just really think you need to relax,clear your head,pick Mr Left that can be turned Right and dust away the rest of em……just request for my pin,I’ll give you,looool!nice Write up


    • shughar says:

      kai! just kai!!!!!!!!!!!!i should remove this anonymous thing fa. lols….. thank u for the advice. mr ‘right’ will not comment anonymously tho 😛


  8. nekar says:

    Hmmmm, sis I feel u, jst b fyn n kp learning as u sd n let God do d rest, it is well.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Nice write up B….I think nothing is wrong with you jor,you just need to chill out,the right guy will find you!


  10. Arnytah says:

    U already knw d problem na…guess u jst v 2 solve it


  11. ddammii says:

    Lol @ d whole write up. Keep being Right for the Mr. When he is tired of hiding he will show up. Meanwhile just have fun- some of which will be restricted when he comes to take you. lol



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