You loved, he loved.
You love, he doesn’t.
So what, if you’ve dated for five years?
So what, if you’ve had seven abortions?
So what, if you know you love him more?

You made plans, she made most of them for/with you.
Now she’s changing everything.
So what, if you’ve bought an engagement ring?
So what, if you’ve been crying non-stop for a week?
So what, if she left you for your best friend & namesake?

You broke up with your boyfriend to date him….he promised that you’d never regret it……. So what?
You quarrelled with your entire family when they told you her tribe was wrong………..so what?

You both had a joint savings account… You even co-habited………so what?

You wonder when she had the time to love someone else. Simply because you were together for almost twenty four hours everyday? True, you are colleagues…….Guess you have to quit that job. Oh! There’s no need, she’s engaged to the CEO now, she doesn’t need the job anymore.

So, you wanna kill yourself while she lives? You are slicing your wrists and fingers while she’s gonna be wearing diamond rings and bracelets on hers???
So you are having sleepless nights and losing your hard earned weight when he’s sleeping in her bosom and eating healthy meals???

Alcohol? Drugs? Pity/revenge sex? Hate texts? Hate calls? Plans to disrupt their wedding?
Oh! Done all that? That’s cool…….. Feel better?
I doubt it!

Be glad for every opportunity you have to love. To love and to be loved is wonderful,beautiful, magical even…….. Loving the wrong person just makes it seem ugly and painful.

If you’ve been loved before,then you are lovable and that means that you can and will be loved again; this can only happen if you open your heart.

My advice to you when you are heartbroken is……. Pray! Pray!! Pray!!! Pray!!!! Pray!!!!! Pray not to experience it again. lol. Also, be positive (not HIV o 😉 )
I am probably the wrongest person to give any advice on this topic buh oh well………. I will, ’cause I can 😀

Please drop your comments and of course, advice. Some of us are in dire need of them……thank u :*

PS- I’m posting from my phone, so please manage any jagajaga. lol


About shughar

My name is Patrick Jennifer.............. Talkative extraordinaire (aspiring OAP), Professional 'carer', Wanna-be writer, and I am sweetness personified.
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  1. pasy says:

    Smh @ jagajaga


  2. suewinye says:

    Right!!! Alcohol, drugs and the rest will only make matters worse and can even endanger one’s life. Best thing is to pray for strength and a better lover.


  3. liyia says:

    Beautiful piece dear, i love ur blog.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Go out,meet people,party harder,pray harder,just keep moving,stay away from your Ex……Lol


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