50 shades of shughar

me...............NOW ;;)

me……………NOW ;;)

primary 1-kindly ignore d tear tear ;)

primary 1-kindly ignore d tear tear πŸ˜‰

le mouth has never been straight!lol

le mouth has never been straight!lol



Ok,so this post is a freestyle. lol. I’m just gonna write it as e dey hot. My dear friend Oris tweeted, actually sub’d me a while ago and tweeted ’50 shades of shughar’ and I decided to write something on that topic πŸ˜€
I’ve come to realise that I do have plenty shades,I’s thinking 50 would not do me justice actually. I’m a very rare species so you’ve gotta agree with me when I say I have a lot of shades (if u dnt agree;na for your pocket).
I’m a shy person….yes,I am shy! take it or take it! people always argue with me whenever I say that, I wonder why. I think I’m a good pretender too….that has to be a shade of yellow (I hate the colour yellow, tbh). I can take on roles like crazie I tell you(orange!don’t as me how) . Guess what, I’m camera shy….tada (pink-very weak colour). Did I mention that I wanna be an OAP or a TV presenter sometime in the future?I keep wondering how I’m gonna get over my shyness (I am shy!stop arguing jor). That’s like 3 shades already ba?
Ok, I am a talkative!!! That’s the blue side of me…my best shade :).I loveeee talking….errr,to human beings of course. I love making people happy. I love helping people. I love caring;even mumu caring, I dey do am wella πŸ˜‰ that has to be my white ‘shadey’ side.
Jealousy becomes me!!!! There has to be like ten shades of green in me to account for the degree of jealousy in me. lol. The shughary and sweet parts of me is red (shebi dey said red is the colour of love). I too dey love so I have pepper red,tomato red,blood red, lipstick red,etc inside of me :D.
You see, in the ‘kpim’ (my lecturer said it means core or centre) of my mind, I’m royalty. Yes!!! I am a child of Zion, that is d purple-ly and velvet-y shades of me. The gray side of me (like fifty shades of grey) is the kinky side ;). This is not a shade for the general public sha. hehehehe.
The secretive, annoying, pestering parts of me have to be shades of black. I’m a little transparent sha…. Especially when it comes to my dealings with people.
I’m sure I have exceeded fifty shades sef. There’s a brown side too o…my complexion is butter scotch πŸ˜€ (haters,hug an electric pole). I can’t really remember all my shades but I’ll manage these ones so that I won’t be feeling like the rainbow. I didn’t forget the intelligent, smart, sexy (haters!!! *side eye*) parts o….there’s just no colour for them yet. I might just have to create my own color and name it shugie!!!lol.
Oya,enough of the vain-ness (I know its not a word). Its my birthday today so I decided to give myself a proper washing, rinsing and drying. Thank you for helping me read and thank you more for commenting πŸ˜€
Happy birthday to me, Miss(I can’t wait to change this title) JENNIFER ONOTSE OGHENAKHOGIE(and this name) PATRICK. Thank you Lord for everything, I’m grateful :*
PS- For those of you in lag, I’m having a biggggg party today. I’m doing it by the water side or on a yatch. I’m still trying to make up my mind. Actually ehn, I don’t have a say in the matter because my oga at the top did not make that kind of cash available to me :(. I’m just gonna keep absorbing your well wishes and hopefully that’d make my day :D. Thank you for loving me (you don’t have a choice sha)


About shughar

My name is Patrick Jennifer.............. Talkative extraordinaire (aspiring OAP), Professional 'carer', Wanna-be writer, and I am sweetness personified.
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16 Responses to 50 shades of shughar

  1. @Sir_Egeretus says:

    Jennifer!!!! This is a wundaful one. @least it didn’t make me cry *covers face*, I smiled almost althro it πŸ™‚ #HBD Tho’ _ Keep my cake cos aw be CUMing to Lag anytim soon. Holla!


  2. shekzy says:

    U eh……. Well na ur birthday sha………enjoy ….*kisses*


  3. Jojo says:

    This is such a pretty piece. I love it Shughar. Love the title as well. Wow! I wish you all good things. Wish that God’s plan for your life comes to pass. May He keep and bless you far beyond your imagination and expectation. Amen. Have the bestest birthday ever. And I hope that your Oga at the top decides fast…cos me gaan wan come the baiday parry. LOL.


  4. Arnytah says:

    Hundred shades o…ure smtn else..God rili tk his tym 2 make u…luv ya plentw..mwaah..hapi birthday


  5. daisy says:

    Nd yu dint mention d man-liker shade tho (⌣́_βŒ£Μ€)


  6. uyi irene says:

    Wow! Jenny u are trully a rare species………pls don’t change who u are for anybody not even for husband. Though we can argue about u been a shy person. That na lie o!…….lol. Anyway me I love u for who u are especially the talkative shade of u *wink*. Have urself a splendid celebration n I wish u all the best life has got to offer. *huges n kisses*


  7. dj kingsize says:

    HBD Shughar.from your Pepper Red lover.


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