Just because…………………………..e no mean say the girl na a****o



This post has been longgggg in the books. It’s something that has become kind of an issue in my life. First of all, this is a true story and I’d really like your input because I’m losing it! Ok, I’m not losing it sha, at least not yet. Ok, enough blabbing, lemme get back to the topic of discussion.

Let me start by saying I have two sisters and a mom; thus, I live in a girl’s hostel. I always wanted a brother but uncle fate had a different plan for me. I have three wonderful cousins who have become the brothers I’d probably never have…… yes, probably! I just might find that husband for my mom after all. Heheheheheh.

I think as a result of the plenty females in my life already, I don’t like girls. *coughs* Actually, that’s not why….. I just think I don’t think like a regular girl so relating with them sometimes is kinda hard. Also, their wahala is too much!!!! I’m not a tom boy or anything but boys just make it tick for me ;). I’ve had like three male best friends and tons and tons of casual male friends. A friend once told me that on my wedding day only guys will come and my husband would be jealous. I laughed when she said that but I actually thought about it. I’ve tried to make female friends o….. walai, I have. It just doesn’t work. I do have a few wonderful friends though. Even though they are not up to twenty, they are worth trillions to me because they have somehow managed to put up with my wahala 😀

Ehen, lemme now say why I decided to post this. Yesterday, I put up a picture of a guy in one of the social networks and someone said I’m a flirt. It seemed like a joke until another person said the same thing. The first actually said, ‘later you go say make God give you your own man’….. I asked why he said so and he was saying that I know too many men and that he fears who doesn’t fear me. It was still funny until someone else said the same thing. I asked the both of them if I have flirted with either of them at any point and I didn’t get a cogent answer. One of them actually said I’m a flirt because I keep making guys fall for me!!!! I was really wowed by that answer sha. When I asked how, he said because I’m a loving person and I care about the people I love. Biko, when did that turn to flirting?

I asked a lot of people if I’m a flirt yesterday and only one person said no….before he said yes again. Lol. Back in the uni, some one once told me that I’m a ‘natural flirt’, that I don’t even know when I flirt….. now, that is the truth. I hardly know, in fact, I do not believe that I’m a flirt fa. I just love to make people feel loved; it’s a pity that the people in my life are guys. I’m also really good with endearments but I always let them now when I’m involved with someone and I let them know their place. This always helps to avoid talks of leading on and all that. The sad thing is, even with the measures I put in place I’m still regarded as a flirt.

Someone else said he pities for me that I want a serious relationship and I keep putting up pictures of different boys. The truth is, I believe that if I guy really loves me, he’d know that those boys are just friends. I can’t possibly be flirting with alllll the guys I know now…haba! Even if I was a runs girl, I go still dey hide my runs na.

So, my country people, I just wanna know……. Especially from a guy’s point of view; if a girl has a lot of male friends does that affect your feelings or the way you look at her? I know they say when a guy has a lot of female friends, he’s a player but does that apply to the female folk too? Please, I need honest answers o….let me know whether to stop being friendly.lol. Thank you for your anticipated coment.lol



PS- the three people that made me write this post……. I have dumped y’all.lol



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My name is Patrick Jennifer.............. Talkative extraordinaire (aspiring OAP), Professional 'carer', Wanna-be writer, and I am sweetness personified.
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22 Responses to Just because…………………………..e no mean say the girl na a****o

  1. @theOris_ says:

    Eeeeesh. You’re such a flirty being. Nice write up though, don’t worry you’ll get your man. And P.S, we’ve dumped you too for exposing us… i hate u shugie. Lol


  2. @jstaguyulked says:

    Maybe u shld try and reduce d rate @ wc u do male frnds…..evrybody cnt b wrng u knw….dia myt b an ounce of truth in it all.


  3. Cyril Ijeh says:

    ‘I know they say when a guy has a lot of female friends, he’s a player…’I no gree oo.
    I dont really see you as a flirt either. how many guyfriends–well thats to be determined by ur ‘oga’ I guess.


  4. @jstaguyulked says:

    @shughar…….uw,dnt wori bout dat dear……..bt wat dos ur bf tink bout u avin alota male frnds?


  5. @jstaguyulked says:

    Sori dear…..I’m unaware,pls enligthen me.


  6. @jstaguyulked says:

    Ur digits pls.


  7. @jstaguyulked says:

    It definetely is.


  8. @jstaguyulked says:

    Lol,dnt wori…..u will not regret it *winks*


  9. @jstaguyulked says:

    Aii,I rest ma case.


  10. ezrelaja says:

    Lol.. Truth be told…d same way u wnt like ur bf 2 be wif many gals is d same way he wnt want u 2 be around many guys… 1 out of 200 boys won’t mind tho bt trust me, I’m among d 199…. That’s 1 of d reasons I’m still single cos I know she’ll be jealous cos I av so many females as friends .. I dint say u shld leave d guys o, bt dey shldnt be substitutes 2 ur man’s time.. (I.e u guys shldnt fight n d nxt fin is 2 hangout wif so called “besties” or wareva ) He’ll neva believe u


  11. shughar says:

    hehehehehe…….oya can i just use dia pics as my dp?


  12. Bin says:

    So u in setting me up for a fall Abi, oh ye great flirt? Ok o.


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