Celebrating Friends

I listened to a talk some days ago about purpose. That talk got me thinking about a lot of things. I learnt that purpose is not given but discovered and a lot of people do not know their purpose, most of us ignore it even. Even though it was not exactly stated, I understood that purpose is linked with passion. Passion is doing something you enjoy and being happy with it (my definition). When you take up your passion it gives you a sense of purpose….. This is why I think they are inter related :D.
Today I wanna dedicate this post to my friends!!! I have the best friends in the world…..best believe that. I actually wanna talk about a particular group of people ; my friends that have taken their passion to the next level. This is actually me using my passion to promote their passion :D.
I guarantee you that they are all good at what they do and I’d like you to encourage them by downloading, sharing and buying their products. Thank you.
1. Miss Abiye was my ex class mate and she has inspired me in more ways than I can mention. When I saw her products, I was wowed! So, people kindly click on the link and get shopping. If you are a fashionista, or you know one, this is the place to shop…..
Website- http://www.accessoriesbyabiye.webs.com/
please like her page on facebook for more info – http://www.facebook.com/accessoriesbyabiye

2. Sparkxz!!! Hmmm! If you wanna know more about him, i can write a dictionary. lol. Calabar’s finest!! Mr lover lover toh bad!!!ok, lemme rest. hehehe. I have a particular attachment to this song. Maybe because its about shughar 😉 here’s the link a link for #jediJedi
please download. Ff him @supasparkx

3. Dj Kingsize- Now, I was shocked when this my friend told me about his ‘DJ-ing’ skills. He started shakily buh he’s getting better (I think my bad mouth had a positive influence :D).lol. This mix was actually done exclusively for me and I enjoyed it ;;) You all should download it for your cars, parlours, rooms, office and even bathrooms ;)…. If you love dancing like me then copy this link and let the groove begin. bit.ly/10Dpqqc :D.
Ff him @maobisco
4-Juke- You’ll never believe he sings! At least,I did not until I heard this song. This song has rocked my world and is still shaking it (yes,I’m a romantic). Ok,please download #Prisoner and rock with me 🙂
ff him @iamNOTjuke

5. Kerous- Engineer Onyeka!!! Twinnie of life! I’m not a rap fan but I’m always impressed with his lyrics, at least when I can hear them. lol. Kindly download #More https://t.co/WcuAYtSw
and ff him @onyeckerous

The main reason why I’m impressed with these people is because they are all learned but they are working with their passion and discovering their purpose. I wish them all the best in everything they do…..God bless you all. I’m veryyy proud to have you guys as my friends :* :* :*


About shughar

My name is Patrick Jennifer.............. Talkative extraordinaire (aspiring OAP), Professional 'carer', Wanna-be writer, and I am sweetness personified.
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9 Responses to Celebrating Friends

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ur frnds r lucky 2 av u,gud 1.


  2. Juke says:

    (۳º̩̩́_º̩̩̀)۳ I’m trying not to cry!!! ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ )


  3. Awwwww Thank you so so so much!
    I really am speechless… God Bless you!
    Much love xxx


  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks miss shughar factory! Glad to have you as friend too


  5. papilo says:

    A good friend once told me that its only your friend that tells you when your mouth has a foul odour. I bless God for a friend with a wonder mouth like yours. If not for the mouth,where DJ Kingsize for dey??



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