The greatest bondman ;)

They say football creates the greatest bonds between strangers.

They are all liars. I am the greatest bond man.

I might not be as overrated as football generally is but I know I am more active.

I make the high feel  low, and the low feel high.

I give people illusions that they never thought they could have.

I do all these with joy…’s what I was made to do.


I can make you change your mind in a fraction of a second.

I can give you wings and make you fly.

You want five feet and fifty toes…there, you have it.

In my eyes, none is ugly. Everyone is beautiful, everyone is sexy. I make you agree with me.

Men, women, boys, girls……. I have them in my fold.

I will screw your mind………….. till it blows K


It all starts with a taste and I open your eyes to the reasons why you must take more.

Peer pressure!!! That is my greatest tool.

If everyone would stand their ground, then I won’t be this cool.

I am not God but I am omnipresent, in every corner I lurk;

happy parties, sober gatherings. You name it…..I rock!

My influence won’t be this potent without you and for this I’m grateful.


It is a thing of joy when a newbie is initiated into the fold.

What else can I do but make him/her feel fly?

I have a reputation to keep and so I will make your imbibing me worthwhile.

I influence the rich to purchase me for the poor; now that’s bonding.

I help to bridge the gap….. You know I’m being nice.

I love how I make you talk freely when you’re in my grip.


A lot of things happen as a result of my seducing you.

I am not happy most times but I must do what you want me to do.

Rapes, accidents, murder, destruction… your heart you wanted to do it. I just aided you.

You coulda stopped but you didn’t. Surely, you can’t blame me for that.

My only advice for you is……….. don’t fall for my seduction. Make me feel shame.

If not, I will make you go insane. Headaches, nausea, dementia will be your gain.

It is what I do best………. Intoxicate is the aim.

Alcohol is my name.

A Kranz (wreath) of Kölsch beer.

A Kranz (wreath) of Kölsch beer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


About shughar

My name is Patrick Jennifer.............. Talkative extraordinaire (aspiring OAP), Professional 'carer', Wanna-be writer, and I am sweetness personified.
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7 Responses to The greatest bondman ;)

  1. sirkastick says:

    Haha, I love this….such poetry or maybe its my love for alcohol… This is yet another brilliant piece. Short and precise


  2. frankie says:

    Nicely written! Didn’t know alcohol could be this seductive.


  3. dr funmi ogunsanya says:

    Nice work. Lovely blog!


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