‘Lamentations’ of a mosquito

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“This is really weird…….very weird I tell you. Why should I put myself in harm’s way?” That’s what I asked, rather, sang to my mother when she tried to explain why we have to suck blood. I see how the creatures swat and clap when she flies past them. They want to kill her! Mother said we are all gonna die so it’s best for us to eat well and reproduce before we die. She also said that the creatures would always try to kill us. I guess our ancestors brought this upon us. Why couldn’t they suck flowers? Well, I tried that just after I was hatched. That shii’s nasty yo!

I don’t like spreading malaria; mother told us about that too. She said we have to play our role in the war between the creatures and our kind. All we have to do is “suck and inject”, suck the blood and inject the parasite you’re carrying at that moment. I don’t think that’s fair ….why can’t we just suck and leave it at that?

My siblings think I’m an idiot…..all of them. The fat, ugly one always calls me a loser. I can’t even keep track of their names; we are numerous! Perched on this wall and watching this child sleep breaks my heart. What if I inject the parasites and they over power her? Would I ever forgive myself? I know I won’t, but I’m weak and I have to suck blood. It’s the only meal I enjoy. I miss my mother pouring blood into my mouth *sigh*. Maybe I’d just suck her blood and not inject anything…. buh mummy said we can’t do that. I’m sure she just said that so we won’t try sha.

Bet why didn’t this baby’s mother put a net on her bed. That way I won’t be able to go near her. Na only her body I get power because I know say she no fit kill me. Hmm, my pidgin is getting better sha if only those alingo and gangnam style dance steps were as easy! *sigh* My ulcer hurts so I must eat……lemme just fly around her for a bit.

I should just starve till I die….. it’s gonna happen soon anyways. I refuse to inflict these creatures with malaria. *flies* Yekpa!!! Oga spider, you haff crased ni? So you want to eat me when I’m thinking of how to starve and prevent another creature from falling ill and maybe dying :-O. This is why this world is not progressing….this is animal’s increaturity to animal.

Well, lemme go to that plant jare, at least make my belle get something. “Man must not live by blood alone” O jare.

I am a female mosquito…probably the only one who feels this way and I’m gonna die knowing that I did not hurt anyone.

Ok,I don’t know why I wrote this buh I think a mosquito was trying to talk to me. I know that most of what I wrote cannot be proven; in fact most of the things are false so please manage it. I din do any research before writing. Thanks for reading :*


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My name is Patrick Jennifer.............. Talkative extraordinaire (aspiring OAP), Professional 'carer', Wanna-be writer, and I am sweetness personified.
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19 Responses to ‘Lamentations’ of a mosquito

  1. iceigo says:

    Lol…crazy totz. ‘animal’s increaturity to animal’ cant get enuf of this line


  2. yemzine says:

    Jenny, whatever came upon you to put this down must be divine. Nice use of words and I appreciate the not-so-serious part of it too. Weldone dearie


  3. damstylee says:

    I would love to meet this mosquito. But hen, he’s probably lyingon the ground somewhere dead.
    Lovely write up.
    Love the wordplay too.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Nice peice Shugar, enjoyed reading it… quite creative


  5. raynitah says:

    made me laugh AND feel sori 4 d mosquito @ d same tym…. nyc.


  6. Arnytah says:

    Increaturity???ldmmrfg..u dy write sha..nice one sis


  7. Jessica's Masked Stalker. says:

    hahahaha What?! Who writes from the vantage point of a mosquito? This is genius and hilarious as hell.


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  9. mosandy says:

    Lol, u’re thinkin lyk/abi talkin to a mosquito nw? Lol, mks sensé though, very creative


  10. Tope says:

    You are a funny one! Creative too…I should make my visits permanent


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