Le club pour le broken coeur

*struts into blog page with beats by iDREd (yea, the aba made) on my head crooning ‘best you ever had’ by John Legend*

“…….don’t wanna brag, buh I’ll be…the.best.you.ever.had”

Whenever I hear that song, it just strikes me as a song only a totally heart-broken person would sing. At least, I don’t believe anyone who gave less than his/her best would sing that. For you to proclaim that you’re the best he/she has EVER had, you must have done more than your best yo!

EVER is a veryyyy long time in my definition. It simply means you gave all the love, the care, the attention, the time, the understanding, the reasonable amount of jealousy, the freedom, …….. Everything in the right proportion yet he/she decided to leave you hanging. I actually think if that’s true the person didn’t deserve you. I believe there’s someone out there for everyone…….your own someone.

Not someone who’d lie to you or cheat on you or won’t even appreciate everything you do for them.  In some cases you probably show too much love and care. That still beats me though; I dunno how you can love someone and think that they care or bother too much about issues concerning you *sigh*

I’ve come to realize that most times, we search for love in the wrong places and from the wrong people. We also search too hard sometimes. Love grows on us; you don’t even know the exact moment when it happened. That love at first sight is bull-crap!!! A fine face, a hot figure, a fine car etc. are WRONG reasons to fall in love with someone.

These days all I hear is one break-up story to the other. Even people who you thought were PURR-FECT together. I’s thinking I should even form a club for the broken hearted. Maybe put the broken ‘hearteds’ together to mend their hearts. Lol.

I know I’m not in the right position to write this but I just thought I’d share my thoughts…Oh well, what does Shughar know????

Errrrrr, I know that the song is not in any way related to this story buh it’s my blog page and I can write what I want to. We all see and hear differently. You see, the key is perception ;). So let’s just assume that Mr. John Legend and I are on the same page 😀



P.S- Pardon my French, I didn’t complete my lessons. I think le means the, pour means for and I’m sure Coeur means heart  😀 ……. also you should watch ‘the marriage cousellor’ by Tyler Perry. I learnt alottttt from that movie.

Process of perception conceptually

Process of perception conceptually (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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My name is Patrick Jennifer.............. Talkative extraordinaire (aspiring OAP), Professional 'carer', Wanna-be writer, and I am sweetness personified.
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4 Responses to Le club pour le broken coeur

  1. sirkastick says:

    As always.. I like, I can relate to this a lot..


  2. REDD says:

    Great write up…..really great!!!!


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