Dear Diary


Diary (Photo credit: Barnaby)


Dear diary,

‘I have to do it. No, I must do it!!! That’s what he deserves *sobs*. Infact, I’d do it tomorrow after I introduce him to my family *evil grin* I’d make him feel loved and then I’d do it’.

I met him in my first year in the university. I was a naïve, young girl and he taught me everything I know now. Drinking, smoking, partying, the different sex positions; guess who taught me??? Tada!!!He did. Did I mention that I had to repeat a year in school because of him? That happened because of an abortion gone bad. I missed my exams and I missed my womb too. The funny thing is he graduated with the best grades while I managed to get a third class. My parents, the pastors were disappointed and said the devil was trying to frustrate their efforts. That part was true though, Bryan is the devil’s mentor.

We’ve been dating for 8 years now. He runs the affairs for one of the biggest construction firms in Lagos. I work as a secretary for in another firm. You’re probably wondering why he couldn’t hook me up in his wonderful firm, well me too after all we read civil engineering together. Oh yeah, I am not intelligent enough for the company like he told a friend of his who confided in me when he was hitting on me.

Diary, you know me now. 6”11, a killer figure and a face everyone compliments. Well, I have to confess that even though I’m stunning, I’ve got nothing on Bryan.  The 33 years he’s been on earth have been good for him. Thinking about him is already making me sweat in the wrong places. 😀

Bryan made sure that the only life I had was with him. This broke my parents’ hearts as I am their only child and they didn’t know why I was so distant. Maybe I should have told them to pray away B’s hold on my life. My friends? pppppft…….none. None of mine anyways but I share some of his numerous friends; the few that haven’t hit on me though. Especially James and Jude, his twin friends who never fail to ask when we are getting married.

I got you dear diary because I needed someone or in your case something to pour my heart to on. lol. Well, my name is Otse (my parents probably knew I was going to be stunning, so they gave me Otse-Beauty). I’m 27years old and I am a sad and miserable person. Last week I read ‘Think like a man, act like a lady’ and it got me thinking. I decided to put what I read into good use.

I moved into B’s house. I told him I was getting mine repainted. I think that is the best and worst decision I’ve ever made. Thing is, B loves my house. He says it smells like a home. A mixture of my baking, cooking, shampoos and like he says my ‘cum’ ;;). Errrrm, B has made me a sex addict. Guess what he got me when I was going for my nysc……..YES! A vibrator. I have to admit, that baby has saved me a lot of times. It’s also the reason why B is the only man I’ve ever been with. Ok, back to my story.

I rarely went to B’s house even though I had a spare key because he was never at home. I even cooked from my house and he took them home to store in his freezer. When I opened his door and went to his room, he was so engrossed in his phone that he didn’t notice me until I touched him. That was when I noticed that he was jerking off.


About shughar

My name is Patrick Jennifer.............. Talkative extraordinaire (aspiring OAP), Professional 'carer', Wanna-be writer, and I am sweetness personified.
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9 Responses to Dear Diary

  1. kingsize says:

    Ehn,and the moral of the story is??
    Sorry,am lost.


  2. iceigo says:

    Def a nice read…if i followed her parody handle, i’d most def suggest a Castration by any means possible *aye~lala and ifa priest still dey market*


  3. Anonymous says:

    where’s the remaining/ending part of the story naa, madam Jenifa?


  4. where’s the remaining/ending part of the story naa, madam Jenifa?


  5. Arnytah says:

    But d story didnt end na…wat is otse planning to do?nice story


  6. Arnytah says:

    Is it in series


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