Dear Diary III


Diary (Photo credit: Barnaby)

‘I have to do it. No, I must do it!!! That’s what he deserves *sobs*. Infact, I’d do it tomorrow after I introduce him to my family *evil grin* I’d make him feel loved and then I’d do it’.

I took his phone again that night and saw that he didn’t delete the chat between him and “boo-mi”. I also realized that he had renamed her that. I remembered that bbm had a feature like chat history (bless RIM) so I checked it and saw that she was 2 months pregnant and they were planning a wedding. The traditional marriage is in two weeks and he assured her that I’d be long gone before then and he would break up with me a.s.a.p. I almost died at that point, I swear!
I used my parody twitter account to tweet, ‘what would you do if you find out that your bf of 8years is planning to get married to someone in 2weeks’. You know what most of the answers were? “Kill him”. Yep, that’s what most of them said and even though they probably didn’t mean it, I think that’s what I’m going to do. I can’t let this S.O.B live a happy life with that bitch who wants to reap where she did not sow. I was there through it all……..his penniless days in school and now his glorious days. He is never going to be a dad and I’d never be a mom. I’d make sure of that.

Good night diary. Thanks for listening or rather reading.

Dear diary,
I’m still plotting. I went to the market and I got some belladonna. Thanks to Google, I’ve found a subtle way to let him die slowly as I tell him how I found out about his deceit…….. I have to do it. No, I must do it!!! That’s what he deserves *sobs*. Infact, I’d do it tomorrow after I introduce him to my family *evil grin* I’d make him feel loved and then I’d do it.

Oh Blimey! He’s coming. Good night diary….till tomorrow.

Dear diary,
something terrible happened today. You would not believe it! B and I went to my parents’ as agreed and I introduced them and they were elated that I had brought a ‘fine’ man home. Then disaster struck!!! My dad decided to inquire about his family and the next thing I heard was, “Oh No! Oh No!! Oh No!!! Oh God! You are my son!!!” from my dad. We all sat stricken at the news and the next thing daddy said was, “thank God Otse is a Christian and she hasn’t had intercourse with her brother. Hope I’m right, my darling”.  At those words I almost died but I managed to smile and say he was right of course. I listened to daddy blab about how he impregnated his mum who abandoned him because he was broke and blah, blah, blah. Guess what …….. Bryan was smiling through all this. I knew he wasn’t happy about what he just heard but because he knew he just got the perfect reason to jilt me. If only he knew that it just became very clear that he must die; only this time, I’d have to die with him.

I am writing this with immense pain in my heart. My life has been ruined by my brother. No, by my father! It is his entire fault. I hope he gets to read this, to understand the emotional trauma I’d go through if I stay alive. I have put the belladonna in the catfish pepper soup I prepared. B and I haven’t talked about what daddy said….. We never will. I will make sure that he has ingested enough of the meal. I will feed him from my plate so that even when the sharp belly pains start, he won’t suspect a thing. When the drug has taken effect, I will tell him of everything I found out, I will insult that bitch and tell her what is happening with her baby daddy and I will eat the food with relish and wait for the cold hands of death and smile……..

If you guys read this, I love you mummy and daddy. Daddy, it really isn’t your fault. I should have known that someone that fine had to be related to me. Lol Please pray for God to have mercy on me.

Thank you Dear diary ……………… is time.


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My name is Patrick Jennifer.............. Talkative extraordinaire (aspiring OAP), Professional 'carer', Wanna-be writer, and I am sweetness personified.
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15 Responses to Dear Diary III

  1. muhammad says:

    *phew* what a pathetic story, this world is a roller coaster


  2. jemyne says:

    This story will bring tears tew any reader.imagne gvn ur all tew a man,standn by him thru thick n thin n gvn up a lot fr him n all u get is betrayal n den surprise,id kill myself too if i was otse!buh Otse forgts d law of karma,what goes around also cmes around.I understand dat B dint deserve to live buh she shldnt v killed him on her own!she should v let his evil kill him slowly.the only way she would v been able to do dat was to forgve him n let him go!(dass d only way we can heal hurt) den she’d start again frm d begining holdn on to God.i saw a Future in Otse,with her kind of hrt n oh her beauty,der wld b men to die for her and even den ders nuffn God cannot do bou her womb!
    Bottom line is d best way to revenge was not to kill em both,all she had to do was proove dat she was d best thn he’d ever miss n he’d end up feeln bad for errthn he did to his ‘sister’ n eventually die by himself!
    Life is too beautiful,no man deserves ds to be taken away from any woman!!!


    • shughar says:

      Weeellllll,I have come to terms with d fact that karma can be insufficient most of the time. I won’t have been able to kill him buh I dnt tink I’d be able to live with all that happened.
      “Life is too beautiful,no man deserves ds to be taken away from any woman!!!”…….very apt my dear.


    • sirkastick says:

      Lovely I must say..heart wrenching and disastrous but its an absolute can write (Y)


  3. Seedee says:

    D guy is still a Devil mehn…weda Broda o no broda….and as s d gurl did she have 2 take long 2 realize d guy was a Dick???? I guy dat brot d worst in u had no future 4 u


  4. stellamaris says:

    Hmmmm…pathetic.she has evry ryt to do wah she did..cos of xtiantity pple wud condemn dat..I kno I cnt kill the guy Ooº°˚ bt I’ll luk for oda ways to mak he n dat gurl suffer…i rily feel for her sha


  5. Wow! Such a sad story, hoping no one gets to go through something like this again… More the reason why we should be diligent in our dealings; we never know what lies ahead. Still yet there are better ways resolving issues other than taking lives, death is never a solution!


  6. Anonymous says:

    Living with a shattered heart is not exactly sexy eida….she lost,i cant think of any other way to make him pay sef.Well,i could kill the unborn child…..*just joking*


  7. Arnytah says:

    Y did she kill herself???she wld v jst gtn sm1 2 kill him sef..afta guys r HEARTLESS..oh wel,she is to blame 2


  8. Chiboy says:

    Wat a beautiful writing, bt so so sad, wel it pays 2 abstain bt if u cnt pls protect wise..use a ******


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