why can’t we be ‘just friends’

Best Friends in Love

Best Friends in Love (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is with utmost pain in my heart that I am typing this *wash* lol

Ok, for real……why can’t we be ‘just friends’

I’m not even sure if that sentence is correct but I’m gonna leave it like that neways. Ok, back to the matter at hand (abi screen.lol).

I’m asking this question because it has become a cause for concern for me. Majority of my friends are guys,I’m talking about like 90% here. There’s something soothing about gisting with a guy that i don’t get from gisting with girls.I just feel girls have too many issues. maybe because I have too many girls in my house sha buh…..its a no no to female friends for me. I actually have a few wonderful female friends. Infact, I have the best female friends everrrr! Ok, back to the subject of discussion………. awon guys. Everything I say hereafter is strictly about guys o.ehen!

I stopped making new friends because most of the old ones started acting funny.errrrm, just incase you read this and you know you are one of them…….no vex.I’m not angry o.I just miss the ‘friendship’ we once had. The relationship we had before you started having ‘feelings’ for me *sigh*.

I like it when I meet a guy and he makes what he wants from me as clear as possible. Its very heart breaking when someone you have zoned as a friend suddenly starts waking you up with texts of love and affection. Why can’t all guys just know and say exactly what they want? Its even more annoying when the ‘friend’ knows your ‘boyfriend’ and still believes that something will work between you both. If all the guys continue like this,what will happen to girls like me?girls that love guys as friends?

The painful part is that when you try to make them understand that it won’t work, most of them ‘break up’ with you.that shiii hurts yo!I have lost a lot of my darling friends because they couldn’t be ‘just friends’ *sobs*. I miss most of them…..a lotttt.

Ok,I’ld like to know why guys act all funny when they suddenly develop feelings for their female friends sha. You guys should know that we girls cannot date every guy,its just not possible……shikena!!!

I love my friends and I know they love me too :D.

please, let me know what you think……………..danke dearies :*







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11 Responses to why can’t we be ‘just friends’

  1. Well my pastor once put it like this. Your husband/wife should be your best friend. When you start to share your most intimate secrets with someone of the opposite sex who isn’t your husband/wife, you are giving a part of yourself to someone that should be reserved for your husband/wife (or at the very least your future husband/wife). In his word this is cheating the other person especially if you know that you have no intention whatsoever of taking the relationship beyond friendship. The fact is that the closer you get to someone of the opposite sex, the easier the two of you can communicate with each other, the freer you are with each other, there is a strong likelihood that one if not both of you will start developing romantic feelings towards each other. After all a husband/wife should be 3parts best friend 1 part parent (i.e. nurturer) and 1 part lover. See how this works, by being best friends you’ve already fulfilled 3/5th of your marital requirements and the likelihood is that by being a best friend in one way or the other you have also been a nurturer so na only lover remain na.
    So in answer to your question, the problem does not lie with men or women but in the dynamics of a best friend relationship. My advice is to keep your male friends close enough but not too close. Resist the urge to get too close. You know guys don’t open up emotionally so easily so if he finds someone he can be completely real with, it’s only natural that he will develop romantic feelings for that person. In any event, it is in his best interest to pull away from you once he realises you don’t feel the same way because think about it – when last were you willing to be just friends with someone you had feelings for??? (Men have feelings too you know). He may even feel deceived. People don’t just open up to anyone especially members of the opposite sex. I believe the logic is this: If you know more about me than my mother then this must be serious.

    Anyway just my thoughts!!!

    Your twinnie


  2. chineloawa says:

    P.S check out my blog. youve inspired me 🙂 Just click on my name


  3. jason says:

    Death to The Friend Zone!
    People die in there, man….People die.


  4. theshaione says:

    hehehehe…this got me reeling. And when it got to this part : I love my friends and I know they love me too , I just remembered Olamide’s lyrics sharp sharp!!!

    Truth be told tho….a lot of people “mess things up”. It is hard for some to distinguish when a babe has got the ‘hots’ for you and when not. Then some can’t move in quickly enough to ‘stoke’ the embers before they grow cold. And for some guys….well…..Anyways, as for why “guys feel funny when they develop feelings for their female friends….” it is called hormones. Those things work differently for different people.

    Nice read.


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